Ryan Denny turns face-to-face marketing into big business

When you get up close and personal with Ryan Denny, owner of Trash Transporter, you have an immediate sense of old-fashioned courtliness peppered with boy-next-door familiarity and “aw-shucks” chuckles (the best combination of city slicker meets cowboy). Ryan radiates decency, and it’s no surprise that his company, Trash Transporter, is enjoying a 25% growth year after year. Neither is it a surprise that his man-on-the-street marketing style is a stealth weapon that performs.

“Urbanist” Erik Gonzalez lives where art meets advocacy

What’s an urbanist, you ask?  Erik Gonzalez—artist, rebel, designer, community leader—is a living example of a movement that’s taken California by storm.  Having expanded this summer to Washington state, he and his team pave the way for communities that want to engage the public through cultural and artistic events.  Urbanists Collective focuses on a creative calling that, through education, demonstration, and outreach, showcases art as it happens.

Photographer Brittany Kelley talks food, travel and adventure

There’s something both understated and dazzling about photographer Brittany Kelley. Maybe it’s because she hails from Texas (“Don’t mess with…”), or it could be that she artfully stills her mind for her craft. Or is it that she’s tall and blonde and witty, a wordsmith in her own right, who also comes across as truly steadfast when it comes to character? She’s got the right stuff, that’s for sure, in her presence and her passion.