At Vibe, we believe real human relationships matter.

We believe space matters. And we believe in a life where you can be the master of your own worldwide destiny, from wherever you choose to live. Above all else, we value diversity of thought, industry, and expertise.

At Vibe, we believe that innovation happens best when seemingly unlikely people, businesses, nonprofits and partners find themselves working side by side. We don’t care how you dress or what your title is—we care only that you’re passionate about what you do, and are eager to be part of this powerhouse creative and professional community we call Vibe.

Our team

Amber Sallay

Community Manager

Amber is a citizen of the world, having grown up all over Africa and Europe. Lucky for us, life landed her in Hansville in October 2021, shortly after which we scooped her up to take on the role of Community Lead at Vibe Coworks.

As Community Manager, Amber is here to help connect the dots between you and your fellow Vibe members, creating and cultivating relationships that’s at the heart of what this place is known for. Amber’s favorite part about Vibe? The community that she is now a part of. 

Amber speaks Arabic and French, and is a former Marine Corps Officer Candidate who has given up on ever developing a taste for coffee. In her spare time, you’ll find Amber at The Yard Fitness Club in Kingston, deep in the pages of a good book (or two!), or out enjoying the unicorn days of sunshine in the PNW.

Amanda Gonzalez

Space Captain (Membership-trade Host)

Originally a lifelong East Coaster, Amanda moved to Washington in 2021, quickly falling in love with the mountain views, ferries, and excellent PNW coffee.

On the list of things she loves: dreaming up innovative ways to make spaces and events a truly inclusive experience; solving problems; and making sure people felt seen and heard. Though she’d been managing projects for her entire career and advocating for disability inclusion since college, in early 2023 Amanda seized the opportunity to finally realize a decade-long dream of starting her own company focused on Project Management and accessibility.

When not driving her project management clients to success or giving a hand to the Vibe community, you’ll find Amanda cheering for the Baltimore Orioles, working on a cross stitch project, or visiting all the excellent restaurants, breweries, and coffee shops in Poulsbo, where she lives.

Andreina Ramirez

Space Captain (Membership-trade Host)

Andreina is a passionate soul with a deep love for music, nature, and connection!

Born in Moses Lake, WA and was raised in Poulsbo, Andreina and her ever-loyal dog, Hooch, love calling Kitsap home. With proud Mexican heritage coursing through her veins, Andreina looks forward to helping the community in any way she can.

By day, Andreina a licensed Realtor, proud to be part of the dynamic Olsen Team, alongside three incredible agents. Together, they bring over 30 years experience to the world of real estate.

Andreina’s first Vibe experience was through Free First Friday in 2001. When she’s not helping people find their dream homes or humming to one of her favorite songs, you’ll often find Andreina exploring new restaurants, at her favorite cafe, on a road trip, or spending quality time with her loved ones.

Although she might appear reserved initially, she genuinely enjoys meeting new people and forming connections. Be sure to greet her with a warm hello when you see her! 

Leah Persinger

Space Captain (Membership-trade Host)

Few people have as big a heart as Leah when it comes to making the world a better place. An accomplished realtor who beat cancer and carries a profound commitment to volunteerism, Leah has worked and volunteered in Kitsap County for the last 30 years. Still now, the beauty of our area takes her breath away.

Leah has been roaming the halls of Vibe since 2018, when she and her fellow board members at Kitsap Cancer Services began using Vibe regularly to hold board meetings. By the time she launched her own real estate practice, Leah Persinger, Realtor, in 2020, she was hooked.

Leah considers herself a rebel, and her passion for community, diversity and progress lights a fire beneath everything she does. When not handing people keys to their dream homes or Space Captain-ing at Vibe, you’ll find Leah pursuing the other loves of her life: surfing, hiking, gardening or baking.

Jenni Hoffman

Backend Support + On-call Host

Our members

Our members represent a wide range of industries and areas of expertise, making Vibe Coworks one of the richest professional networks in the region.

While many Vibe members (we call ourselves Vibists) are entrepreneurs, business owners, freelancers or consultants, others work remotely for Fortune 500 corporations. A special few are even retired or unemployed by choice, choosing to spend their time at Vibe to take an online class, socialize over waffles, or add just a little more fun to their personal admin work.

  • Advertising
  • Arts & Entertainment
  • Clean energy
  • Construction
  • Education
  • Engineering
  • Law
  • Logistics
  • Marketing & PR
  • Nonprofits
  • Photography
  • FemTech
  • Finance & Banking
  • Government
  • Graphic design
  • Healthcare
  • Insurance
  • Real estate
  • Software development
  • Tech
  • Travel
  • UX/UI design
  • Videography
  • Wellness

Our history

In 2015, after 15 years living and working around the globe, husband and wife team Alanna and Marcel Imbach decided to make the move back to Alanna’s hometown of Poulsbo so their twin girls could grow up closer to family.

Both were fortunate to have remote-friendly jobs they loved, but—as the story goes—their marriage might well have been on the line if they were both working remotely from home. And so was born the idea to create a space where they (and so many others!) could do the work that they loved, from the place that they loved, right here in Kitsap.

In the spirit of ‘go big or go home’, Alanna and Marcel worked with a talented team to turn a once-empty field on Poulsbo’s 8th Avenue into the 40,000 square foot building we now know as The Centennial, custom designed to be home of the Vibe Coworks flagship location in Poulsbo, WA.

Officially founded in 2016 to support the Kitsap’s modern professionals in their quest to commute less, connect more and find an escape from their home offices, the company’s temporary location, the Vibe Lab, opened in Poulsbo, WA in September 2017 as a place for freelancers, commuters, remote workers and entrepreneurs to convene until construction The Centennial was completed in September 2018.

Eight months after opening, Vibe was named Emerging Business of the Year, followed by the honor of being named Best Meeting Place and achieving broad recognition as the region’s central hub of entrepreneurial connection and inspiration. 

In 2020, Vibe Coworks opened its first fully private on-demand meeting space, The Spot, in Downtown Bremerton, WA and, in 2022, was named Business of the Year by the Greater Kitsap Chamber.

Our leadership

Alanna Imbach

Founder + CEO

A ‘boomerang Kitsapian’ with deep roots in the Kitsap community, Alanna returned to the area in 2017, having spent 15 years living and working around the globe. 

Alanna oversees all day-to-day management, sales, marketing, strategy and operations for Vibe Coworks. She served on the board of the Kitsap Economic Development Alliance from 2020 – 2023, forming part of both the organization’s first Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Working Group, and Entrpreneurship & Innovation Working Group. She is particularly focused on the care and feeding of Kitsap’s entrepreneurial ecosystem. 

Prior to launching Vibe, Alanna worked in the international development sector. Her work with the United Nations and other well known international organizations centered on media relations, advocacy, and the execution of influential public-private partnerships around migration and refugee policy, food aid, and access to clean water, toilets, and menstrual health.

Alanna lives in Silverdale, and enjoys chasing sunshine, climbing mountains, and pretending to keep up with the impressive entrepreneurial endeavors of her and Marcel’s twin daughters.

Marcel Imbach

Founder + CFO

Hailing from Au, Switzerland, Marcel Imbach is a wood engineer with more than two decades of experience with the planning, production and installation of complex custom interior engineering projects, ranging from private residences to luxury retail spaces, high-end commercial buildings, private jets and luxury yachts. 

Marcel first drank the coworking KoolAid as a member of one of the world’s largest coworking communities in NYC. As a remote worker, he mostly missed those celebratory high-fives with someone… anyone… each time he scored those big business wins. Those high-fives have flourished with coworking.

Today, Marcel oversees all of the financial and administrative operations of Vibe Coworks, and provides strategic direction on the company’s continued growth and sustainability. Outside of Vibe, he owns and operates Phenom Woodworks, offering Swiss quality architectural millwork, custom crafted in the PNW.

Marcel lives in Silverdale, and enjoys cooking up incredible culinary delights, cycling, and spending time in the wood shop with his and Alanna’s twin daughters.

The Vibe Founding40

Vibe Coworks started as a pipe dream, at a time when few people knew what coworking was. The Vibe Founding40 helped to make it real.

Founding40 members played a critical role in shaping Vibe Coworks in the countdown to our opening day, offering direct input on our flagship location’s space design and planning, championing Vibe within the larger community, and sharing a wealth of knowledge and connections.

  • Scott Ahern
  • Max Ames
  • Kristi Andrae
  • Nancy Austin
  • Rachel Bearbower
  • John Boyle
  • Shannon Bruce
  • Lindsey Carnett
  • Anna Choi
  • Marnie Clark
  • Maren Dale
  • Jon Delmendo
  • Edward Diaz
  • Tom Duchemin
  • Brett Eddy
  • Brian Galvin
  • Steve Garfein
  • Rob Gelder
  • Ed Hallda
  • Jan Harrison
  • Sheenah Hellmers
  • Jeff Hora
  • Paul Ingram
  • Nick Johnson
  • Doña Keating
  • Chris Livdahl
  • Jacki Marson
  • Ryan Marson
  • Danny McEreney
  • Seth Morabito
  • Rhonda Morris
  • Tim Nichols
  • Raquel Pappas
  • Anna Reyes-Potts
  • Kathy Rowland
  • Mary Ryan
  • Ryan Skyler
  • Craig Steinlicht
  • Dan Weedin
  • Jackie Wood

Corporate Catalysts

Like the Founding40, five local companies and organizations helped breathe life into Vibe Coworks in its earliest days, shaping our look, feel, traction, programming—including the physical design, construction, and furnishing of the Vibe Coworks flagship location in Poulsbo, WA.