Workspaces designed for a happier, healthier you

Say hello to abundant natural light, fresh air, consciously designed spaces, and a holistic line up of offerings at Vibe Coworks Poulsbo that promote productivity and enhanced wellbeing.

Clean air

The air is different here. Unlike traditional HVAC systems that ‘recycle’ air throughout the space, our specialized ERV air systems bring fresh air in from outside, filter it, then release the clean air into the space.

Completely separate exhaust systems then take the used air directly outside again, making  systems like ours among the top recommendations for COVID19, general illness, and allergy prevention measures in physical buildings.

Natural light

While the PNW is known for its grey days, Vibe Coworks is not. With expansive floor to ceiling windows surrounding the entirety of our space, you’ve never experienced a work space quite like ours.

If you tell us that you didn’t need to break out your usual S.A.D. light this season, you won’t be the first one—the amount of natural light in our space has proven to improve the happiness and mental health of our regular members.

Green space

We keep a lot of plants around here, mostly because we like them, but also because they’re good for us, naturally filtering toxins from the air and scientifically boosting our moods.

Added bonus: Poulsbo’s Centennial Park is literally our backyard, making it uber easy to take a quick afternoon stroll, throw down a picnic blanket with a coworker, or do a little mid-day forest bathing.

Room to move

At Vibe, we believe that healthier, happier living starts with moving more. That’s why you’ll find a variety of work areas through the space, including both traditional and height-adjustable desks, bar-height work areas, and a variety of soft seating options.

Forget sitting in one spot for eight hours. Take advantage of all of our intentionally designed work “neighborhoods” to move around throughout the day!

On-site massage

Chair massages not only feel great—they can completely transform your day, reducing stress, decreasing anxiety and depression, and lowering your blood pressure.

In partnership with Live Well Kitsap, 20 minute chair massages are offered at our Poulsbo location on the second Tuesday and fourth Thursday of every month from 12 – 3pm.

Dedicated wellness room

Take a break. Rejuvenate. Meditate. We call our wellness room The Nest, and its a place of refuge for anyone that needs it. The Nest offers a fully private light-controllable space, complete with a privacy curtain, mini fridge, exercise mats, and comfortable seating.

Whether you’re logging on for a telehealth appointment, looking for a quiet place to stretch, pray or meditate, or are in need of a comfortable place to pump and store milk during the work day (we see you, new moms!), The Nest is your place for you-time.

Green building standards

Vibe Coworks’ flagship location in Poulsbo is housed on the second floor of The Centennial, an architectural gem that was intentionally crafted in line with the US Green Building Council’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification standards to create a healthier, more sustainable future for Kitsap.

We’re proud to be a leader in this space, demonstrating how buildings can be designed and built in ways that are proven to save money, improve efficiency, lower carbon emissions, meet ESG goals, and create healthier places for us all.