Refer a friend to Vibe Coworks

Building a vibrant professional community means a lot to us, which is why we love growing through personal referrals. If you know of a person or team that would contribute positively to the success of our community, we’d love to meet them.

Spread the word

Know someone who’s looking for a happier way to work? Tell your friends and clients what it is that you love about this place!

Make the intro

We love to meet new people.
Introduce us to your friends and family by email if you’d like, or by asking them to list you as their referrer when they book a tour.

Get paid 20%

Once your friend signs up for a membership, we’ll give you a one-time credit on your account that’s equivalent to 20% of your friends’ first month of membership. That’s up to $375 per referral!

Treat yourself

When your friend celebrates their 6 month anniversary of membership with us, we’ll give add an additional $50 credit to your account to celebrate. How’s that for easy?

It’s easy to spread the love

Log into your account, where we’ve got a personal referral link all ready for you to share with your friends. When they use your link to sign up for a membership, we’ll know right away that you’re the one to thank (and send those referral dollars to!)


How can I refer a friend to Vibe?

You can refer a friend to Vibe any way you choose! You’re welcome to bring them by in person and show them around yourself, if you’d like, or we’d be happy to give them a tour. Prefer to introduce them to us via email? We love that, too.

If they’re ready to take the plunge and sign up for membership, the #1 best way to refer them to us is by sending them your unique referral link, and having them sign up through that link.

Once we know that you were the one who referred them, we’ll be able to make sure that you get the proper credit (and heartfelt thanks!) for bringing them into the Vibe community.

What are you going to do with my friend’s information?

Don’t worry, we hate spam, too, and would never do that to you, or your friends. We’re going to respectfully drop your friend an email and invite them to come in for a tour and/or join us for an upcoming Free 1st Friday to experience for themselves what it’s like to work here. We’ll also share with them information about what makes this place so great, and how our memberships work.

How much credit do I get?

As a token of thanks for helping to spread the Vibe love, you’ll receive a one-time credit to your account, equal to 20% of your friend’s monthly membership as soon as they start. Depending what level they sign on at, your cash credit can range from $6 – $375 per referral.

If you friend still has an active membership with us 6 months after joining, we’ll place an additional $50 credit on your account.

The more people you refer, the more you earn!

When and how do I get paid?

You will be credited 20% of your friend’s monthly membership 7 days after they sign up, no matter their membership level. We put this credit directly on your Vibe account. If the person you referred still has an active membership with us after 6 months, we’ll place an additional $50 credit on your account as a token of our thanks.

Credit is great, but I want cash!

We’ll give you that, too! On the 6 month anniversary of your friend’s membership with us, you’ll also earn a $50 gift card of your choosing to treat yourself however you’d like. Choose between amazon, visa or any number of local businesses or restaurants. Or, if you prefer, we’ll give it to you an additional $50 in credit to your Vibe account instead.

Is there a limit to the number of people I can refer?

Nope. You earn rewards for each and every friend who signs up for an active membership. The longer they maintain their membership with us, the more rewards you earn!