Bremerton Canvas

A photo exhibition by Logan Westrom

During quarantine this past spring the only person that Logan Westrom could photograph was himself, so he set up his tripod and camera. “It was hard being both the subject and the photographer. I learned a lot about posing, and different lighting techniques.

When it was safe to photograph others, my preferred subject of choice were other artists. I love meeting and learning from other artists. Especially artists from other disciplines. With each artist, I came in with a plan for a few photos that I wanted to try to create. But quickly things would go differently, which always resulted in better photos than I imagined. Each artist’s essence shone their creativity, craft, or personality in a unique way that made the photos infinitely more interesting.

After a few weeks of shoots, I was reflecting on the space in which I was creating these portraits. All of which took place in a makeshift studio space I was using in an unoccupied building in Bremerton. Quickly all these ideas came to me about how I could turn this perfect location into a community photo studio for others to enjoy. The more I thought, I realized the space could be used for so many more things like an art galleries, private events, pop-up shop, and whatever else the community needed. That day, the Bremerton Canvas was born.

All of the photos included in this show were created at the Bremerton Canvas in Downtown Bremerton.

About Logan Westrom

Logan Westom is a documentary and portrait photographer. Logan has been a documentary photographer for over 9 years. He began his career working for the Daily Evergreen Newspaper and has since shifted to photograph weddings, families, and content for commercial clients. Whatever the subject matter, Logan brings a documentary styled storytelling aspect to each photoshoot. In 2020, Logan was named #1 Photographer in the U.S, and #22 in the World by documentary wedding organization “This Is Reportage”.

In the spring of 2020, due to quarantine, Logan shifted his focus to portrait photography. Instead of documenting things candidly, he works with his subjects collaboratively to tell stories. The combination of his documentary style with posed portraits, has been a new creative journey and rewarding challenge. In 2021 he is opening a rental photography studio in Downtown Bremerton for the community to enjoy. There he hopes to provide artists with a place to create, gather, and celebrate art. It will also be available for art shows, pop-up shops, and private events.

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