You shared your thoughts on masks at Vibe. Here’s the plan.

When the CDC announced on May 13th that “fully vaccinated individuals no longer need to wear masks or physically distance in any setting, except where required by federal, state, local, tribal, or territorial laws, rules, and regulations, including local business and workplace guidance,” it threw us all for a loop.

We were elated… and concerned… and confused. Just two weeks earlier, we’d seen case numbers ticking up with a vengeance and were being told the likelihood of a rollback to Phase 2 was imminent. Governor Inslee announced that same afternoon that Washington State would follow the CDC’s lead, and that workplace guidance would be “forthcoming”.

In the interim, we did what we’ve always done here at Vibe: we went straight to the heart of our community.

As we worked with local contacts at the Kitsap Public Health District and awaited updated rules from the Department of Labor & Industries, we asked you, our members, what you were feeling in terms of expectations, hopes and experiences—specifically as it related to masks and public health practices at Vibe Coworks.

For those who like to get into the data of things, you’ll find the results of that anonymous survey in full below.

For those who’d prefer to cut to the chase and know what’s happening next, here’s the plan we’ve landed on, based on the survey results (thank you!!), together with updated guidance released on May 21st by Governor Inslee and the Department of Labor & Industries

Through Friday, June 4th:

Masks continue to be required for all members and guests any time you are not seated, regardless of vaccination status.

This slightly extended time window gives all of our front desk team members the time needed to get beyond the two week period from their shots and reach fully vaccinated status. From keeping the coffee fresh to keeping the doors open and introductions rolling, our Space Captain Host Team does wonders for all of us here. Thank you for honoring them and all that they do to support the Vibe community by hanging on to your masks just a little bit longer!

As of Saturday, June 5th:

  • Fully vaccinated* people are no longer required to wear a face mask
    *A person is fully vaccinated against COVID-19 two weeks after they have received the second dose in a two-dose series (Pfizer-BioNTech or Moderna) or two weeks after they have received a single-dose vaccine (Johnson and Johnson (J&J)/Janssen).

  • Unvaccinated people are still required to wear a face mask indoors

  • Social distancing will continue until new guidance is released by our local health authorities. Please continue to spread out as you choose your workstation for the day.

As we move towards lifting the mask requirement on June 5th, there are a few important things for you to know: 

  • Our commitment to the cleanest possible work environment is unwavering. While we are no longer requiring hand washing prior to entering our space, hand sanitizer, spray sanitizer, wipes and gloves will continue to be readily available throughout the space. Please continue to use them liberally!

  • We will be following Governor Inslee’s “No Inquiry” or Honor System option as regards the new face mask guidance. This means we choose to assume that anyone who enters Vibe Coworks without a face mask is fully vaccinated. We will not inquire about any member or guest’s vaccination status.

  • All Vibe Host team members will continue to wear a mask any time that they are serving in an official capacity for Vibe. They may choose to shed their masks when they’re in “regular member mode”, and we support them in their personal choices. (In case you didn’t know, our front desk Host team is made up of members who trade staff time for their memberships. And we’re recruiting!)  

  • Vibe Coworks always been and will always be a judgment-free zone. If wearing a mask makes you feel safer, regardless of your vaccination status, by all means, we’ll be here cheering you on. If you’re fully vaccinated and you’re ready to shed that powerful piece of PPE, we applaud that, too.

Vibe member survey results:
Next-phase pandemic check-in

The following anonymous survey was made available to all active Vibe Coworks members (182 people) and was completed May 14 – May 21, 2021.

Please tell us more about why you selected your comfort level above.

  • I spent almost the entire year there and all I caught was a few new friends 😉

  • Airflow system at Vibe. I am primarily in small, separate space anyway.

  • I am fully vaccinated.

  • I feel safe as most people adhere to rules and safety measures.

  • I’m fully vaccinated.

  • I’m not high risk, and I assume that those who are, or live with those who are, operate according to their own needs.

  • Protocols to regularly clean surfaces, respect for others who may have different comfort levels regarding PPE, strong air exchange in the building, and conference rooms.

  • People at Vibe have always been respectful with regard to personal space and cleanliness.

  • Waiting to get fully vaccinated.

  • I would be “very” if I saw lots of people using sanitizer.

  • Vibe follows the strict guideline from the State and keeping it clean.

  • I like that people wear masks when they are walking around. I feel that masks should still be work in this setting. I understand not wearing masks at assigned desks, phone booths, or private offices.

  • Great sanitation.

  • Certain people don’t wear a mask and never have. Pisses me off.

  • We would use Vibe to do interviews and hiring paperwork so brining in outside people.

  • I’m vaccinated and trust the rad ownership 😉

  • Not very crowded, folks are wearing masks and respectful of each other’s space, building ventilation is great.

  • Vaccinated.

  • First let me say, Covid it is real and people have died from it. However, most people have minor symptoms and recover quickly. I am a middle-aged relatively fit person and got Covid about a month ago. Recovered quickly. I have not worn a mask inside or outside or in a public establishment since they said to mass are better than one etc. etc. Masks make me uncomfortable because it is perpetuating a lie and it corrupts my integrity. We are all continuing to be lied to by the government officials. Think about it, first no masks, then masks, then two masks are better than one and three masks are better than two. Then, get vaccinated and oh by the way still wear your mask. And now “the chosen” have decreed that no mask is required. This is all bogus!! And the sad part of it is organizations big and small and the people that go there are following along like lemmings. Not me.

  • I am focused on limiting COVID risk and I don’t have to be physically present at Vibe.

  • That ventilation system! And GREAT cleaning/distancing/masking protocols.

  • I’m vaccinated so I’m not super-worried, but there are those variants cropping up, so I’m still not 100% comfortable in indoor settings with lots of other people.

  • I’m appreciative of the Covid response and especially happy with the advanced HVAC which make an obvious difference in the air quality.

  • My employment situation has changed and I haven’t been able to use Vibe’s services

  • Protecting my pod as we all get our vaccines.

  • I dislike masks and wearing one.

  • Never stopped feeling comfortable! Building is great (LEED) and staff always thoughtful about keeping it clean.

  • Before I got vaccinated, just nervous unmasking (and would) indoors despite the logic of ventilated air not knowing habits of others in the space. I’d be fine unmasking more freely at my station knowing everyone had same habits as me–but you cannot assume that. AND everyone was GREAT about respecting rules. Now that I’m vaccinated, I don’t care at all and would be very comfortable.

  • Everyone is respectful and mindful about wearing masks and social distancing. I also have been vaccinated.

  • The general acceptance that washing hands and cleaning spaces make it seem safer.

  • Everyone has always been very clean in their work space and I feel we are beyond the scare.

  • I am fully vaccinated. Vibe Coworks provides a safe environment.

  • Spaced out seating, observable good hygiene practices of “co-workers” and company owners.

  • I’m fully vaccinated and would still be wearing a mask.

  • Between the normalized social distancing, vaccinations, and predominant mask wearing, I think it’d be fine.

  • I’m not uncomfortable.

  • I am vaccinated.

  • There is always going to be a level of uncertainty with Covid.

  • I haven’t yet gone into Vibe for work.

  • Very clean, everyone has been super respectful.

When it comes to public health and COVID precautions, what would you like to see at Vibe Coworks that would increase your level of comfort in working here over the next months?

  • Maybe if we’re going to do away with masks, asking people to show proof of vaccination?
  • Not needed. I am comfortable now.
  • Follow new CDC guidance for fully vaccinated people.
  • Continuing to wear masks in communal areas.
  • I’d like to see mask requirements be optional (say, if you’re not able to or decide not to get vaccinated) with immediate effect. I’ve no problem with those who need them or feel more comfortable wearing them still, but it’s time to open up businesses and get back to normality 🙂
  • I’m fine with things now.
  • Some continued social distancing continued.
  • Continue Following the advise of CDC and Kitsap public health dept.
  • Continued support for cleaning, washing hands, surfaces etc.
  • A way to signify that someone is fully vaccinated, possibly a lanyard after showing proof of vaccination?
  • Continue to block a space between each desks so it is not too crowded. And continue to educate the members on cleaning after use of the rooms/desks.
  • I would like the mask policy to remain unchanged.
  • Largely related to seeing our general vaccinations rates go up in the county and locally.
  • Continue sanitation.
  • Slowly roll-back the mask policy.
  • Unknown.

  • Comfortable with the CDC guidelines

  • If it gets busier is there a way to increase ventilation, such as opening windows or turning air on higher.

  • My preference is to discontinue sanitizing and mask-wearing, although I’m respectful of how others may feel about this and am open to continuing this for others.

  • Nothing – I’m comfortable now.
  • Nothing – feel very comfortable.
  • Get rid of the masks your business will improve. And I will come back.
  • Mask if you like, no mask if you like.
  • Require that everyone wear masks, because you don’t know who or who has not been vaccinated, and some people will never get vaccinated. People who have been vaccinated are still contracting COVID (8 fully vaccinated New York Yankees, to cite one example.)
  • As much as I want to take my mask off for good, I would honestly rather keep wearing my mask than have a no mask rule on the honor system and potentially have people who aren’t vaccinated not wear masks 🙁
  • Current precautions are great.
  • Keep doing what you’re doing.
  • Continued distancing of some sort and not to segregate but how do you address those who haven’t been vaccinated and still want to use the space? Does that become an expectation at some point?
  • I think since I am fully vaccinated I have no need for Vibe to do anything.
  • Everything is great.
  • High vaccine rate, though I know you cannot provide that. When I am vaxxed, I will be coming back.
  • Nothing. I’d like things to return to normal.
  • No mask requirements. The FREE vaccine is available for anyone over 16 who wants it.
  • Open up more :-). Add more tables but continue the dialog with the members. They all have their own capabilities (to act or not) upon how they process the Covid scenarios; Vibe’s current posture of remaining respectful to the state and also respecting the environment has been well balanced.
  • Clear do’s and don’ts for those vaccinated or not. I know it could make those unvaccinated uncomfortable but it would be awesome to indicate or know who is actually vaccinated or not.

  • Sanitizing work stations after use. Socially distancing and mask wearing if you have not been vaccinated.

  • None.
  • Not having to wear a mask would be dreamy. The staff has always been right on top of things and plenty clean.
  • Can’t think of anything.
  • Already above and beyond!
  • Nothing more than you’re doing.
  • No masks. Social distancing. Vaccinations if possible. Continued cleaning and sanitizing.
  • Stop wearing masks.
  • I am comfortable with what is in place.
  • Maintain masks and distancing as much as possible.
  • Continued mask, safe distancing, and sanitizing protocols.
  • Nothing, honestly.


  • General design of Vibe and the entire Centennial building. It is home away from home.

  • Flexibility and reliability.

  • The staff are awesome, and having external screens you can borrow is great.

  • Cleanliness.

  • Quiet, light and pleasant place to work. Interaction with others who are motivated to learn.

  • Clean environment, fast internet, and friendly people.

  • The feeling of community, friendliness of people, networking with the community

  • Great coffee, kind staff.

  • Happy hour, clean environment, essential amenities, overall generally great vibes!

  • The professional environment.

  • Atmosphere, great internet, locally owned business.

  • Phone booths, private meeting spaces.

  • Community.

  • Conference area and wifi.

  • Change of environment and bright climate controlled amazing place.

  • Fast internet, variety of spaces to work, community.

  • Quiet room, rooms for private calls, monitors, refrigerator, strong cell signal, pleasant work space, friendly owners and hosts.

  • Spaciousness and so much more.

  • Conference room AV.

  • Fresh environment with a lot of good views.

  • Everything!

  • Professional; intentional.

  • The light! The people! The coffee! The many cozy work spots!

  • How light it is, the variety of seating options, the internet.

  • The space itself and the people!

  • Community and lovely space

  • Professional atmosphere, location, faster internet.

  • The atmosphere, the people, and getting out of my house!

  • The cool vibe at Vibe!

  • All of the above!

  • Professional comfortable workplace, benefits of the High Spirits, Chocmo, Crabtree Kitchen, great people to work near.

  • Color printer, community

  • I love Vibe for the ability to work in an environment that is clean, comfortable and friendly.

  • The people and the space.

  • Seeing friendly faces, the coffee and snacks, waffles and networking.

  • Open air concept; privacy when needed; high speed internet; office infrastructure.

  • Community.

  • Everything.

  • Ability to network.

  • Everything – the overall environment.

  • Meeting rooms, outdoor space, friendly community.

  • Community-minded owners, collaborative and fun environment.

  • Phone booths! And monitors.

What other comments, questions, concerns or ideas do you have?

  • I love Vibe! Such a phenomenal asset to our North Kitsap community.

  • Thank you for creating safe environment.

  • Please keep up the great work that you guys are doing.

  • Better external screens – brightness – they’re too dim even at max setting which is a pain when the sun is streaming into the space.

  • You have done a great job with everything!

  • More adjustable desks would be lovely.

  • More meeting rooms like the size of the breastfeeding room, if possible.

  • I would like people to wear masks in common spaces.

  • More private office space.

  • More Vibe locations and meeting spaces.

  • I’ve been unable to afford the full membership. Not your problem 🙂

  • Require masks if someone is not vaccinated especially if numbers go up.

  • More offices!

  • No masks.

  • Still assessing what I think about Vibe. I would say this: any business that aligns with a particular political movement (BLM) of course erects barriers between it and those in a community who do not align with that political movement. So the ambition to broaden your community or narrow your community is achieved in part through how you navigate through these issues…

  • I think you have provided everything within reason. You have a lot to be proud of.

  • No, you all are doing awesome things to manage it all.

  • Just more in-person events again, as people are comfortable.

  • I enjoy Vibe, the management, and the Space Captains.

  • All good! I’d like to see some more relevant programming back again – even Vibists pitching in and creating lunch brown-bag conversational meetings (photography, travel, careers, etc) – all in a “no-selling” atmosphere.

  • Electronic standing desks in the main area and not just the quiet room.

  • Things are good.

  • A shower/locker room ; )

  • I’d be more likely to come if there was an available office.

  • Maybe a beer tap? 😉

  • Sure appreciate you.

  • Thank you for being pro-active in terms of listening …

  • When masks are no longer required will you open space to full capacity?

  • I don’t want people to ask the Space Captains to check if people are fully vaccinated when they don’t have a mask on. I think that is unfair to the Space Captains.

  • Keep on keeping it real!

  • Appreciate you taking the time to survey folks to inform your decisions. I trust you all implicitly to make a good call no matter what knowing you can’t make everyone happy!

  • Appreciate your time in asking what I think!

  • Vibe Coworks is an excellent working environment.

  • Keep reframing and hang in there!

THANK YOU to everyone who took the time to provide us with helpful feedback!