Ready to turn your great idea into a great business? Start here.

You’ve know what they say: ideas are cheap; execution is everything.

But what if you’re still perfecting the idea? What if you aren’t sure how to execute? Or what if you’re itching to find your tribe of fellow entrepreneurs, innovators, mentors and role models? Ideas may be cheap, and execution everything, but only the ignorant go it alone.

That’s why we’re shaking-in-our-boots excited about 6 Month Startup, a new six-month program that we’ll be hosting here at Vibe starting Wednesday, June 6. Farewell half-baked ideas. Hello strategic roadmap for making epic dreams both successful and real.

So what is 6 Month Startup?

6MSTU Kitsap.png

6 Month Startup is a program and forthcoming book designed to help you avoid failure and navigate your way through common problems and mistakes as a founder. Created by Seattle-based tech entrepreneur, venture capitalist and serial board member, Dave Parker, 6 Month Startup is for people big on passion, ideas, grit and humility. 

How do we know? Because we’ve experienced the rigor, wisdom and magic of the Seattle program first-hand, and couldn’t be more excited about making it available right here in our own backyard. 

Over the course of six months, 6 Month Startup Kitsap will help you—as an aspiring or repeat founder, corporate innovator or student: 

  • confirm that your ideas are worthwhile;
  • find potential cofounders;
  • add structure to your corporate goals;
  • meet potential team members who are excited by innovation; and
  • learn process and structure for thinking about new ideas.

You’ll define and refine your big idea, understand how to make money with it and make an informed decision about whether to leave your day job. The monthly session format includes content, exercises, time to pitch, feedback from mentors and dinner.

The inaugural Kitsap cohort will be led by Brett Eddy, a seasoned executive that helps companies drive revenue through smart application of technology. You can read more about the program and the rational behind it on Dave’s website here:

Here’s how it works



  • Register via Eventbrite for each of the six 6 Month Startup Kitsap monthly sessions. (Each session: $20 Students / $35 Founders)
  • Join us on the 1st Wednesday of each month from 6:30 – 9:30, June – November at Vibe Coworks.
  • Do your homework each month. The result of that homework will be the key to meeting with experienced business mentors at each session. This is your startup idea and the pace at which you approach the homework is up to you, however mentors require that you have a serious idea and are doing the work each month to merit their generosity of time and expertise. Don’t waste it.
  • Have fun, dig in and find a powerful circle of support!

Think this is just a new-fangled one-off? Think again.

Together with many of our friends and neighbors here in Kitsap, we’ve got a serious vision for introducing, connecting, supporting and expanding an entrepreneurial ecosystem here in the West Sound region in a way that has global reach. 6 Month Startup Kitsap is part of that, Vibe Coworks is part of that and so are a whole **slew** of other organizations, programs, events and talented neighbors. It’s a nascent work in progress, but head on over to to see what else is growing around this place we call home.