Flexible workspace options grow in Kitsap with launch of Vibe Spaces

Described as ‘the Uber of meeting spaces’, fully private, tech-enabled meeting and offsite space will soon be available in Kitsap with the click of a button.   

Vibe Coworks, Kitsap’s leading shared workspace and coworking community, announced today the launch of Vibe Spaces, a new service offering designed to specifically meet the needs of businesses, individuals and government contractors seeking on-demand meeting, brainstorm and offsite space that is fully private and designed for focused productivity.

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The first Vibe Spaces location will be The Spot, located in Bremerton’s 6th and Pacific building adjacent to the Admiral Theatre (555 Pacific Avenue). The Spot is expected to open by the end of this year, and will cater to the needs of modern business. The fully private space will feature a 14-seat conference table, intentionally crafted lounge space, broadband WiFI, kitchenette, large screen TV and expansive white board walls.

Vibe Coworks Founder and CEO, Alanna Imbach said:

“The days of unnecessary overhead costs and drab office spaces are gone. In our first year alone, we’ve hosted over 636 meetings at Vibe Coworks in Poulsbo that are more elegant, more high-powered, more wow.

Business leaders, nonprofit executives and government contractors are discovering that they can no longer justify paying rent on that 800 square feet of single purpose conference space that’s rarely used. Once you experience what it’s like to be able to book conveniently located, productive meeting space with the touch of a button, you’ll never go back. You only pay for what you need, and achieve better results from your teams.”

The Spot will utilize the same frictionless booking technology that hundreds of meeting organizers have come to love at Vibe Coworks in Poulsbo. Users will reserve The Spot and other Vibe Spaces with the click of a button via mobile phone app or online booking system. Once the meeting has been confirmed, they receive remote key access via their phone that allows direct, independent access to the room at the precise time needed. Users are billed at the time of booking, and can download a record of all invoices through their account at any time, making it easy to reconcile business expenses. 

Following on a partnership that began with the launch of Vibe Coworks in Poulsbo, Vibe Spaces will feature state-of-the-art conference tables designed by Watson, an internationally renowned manufacturer of furniture solutions for the commercial workplace based in Poulsbo, with a deep commitment to the community, and environmental sustainability. 

Watson CEO, Clif McKenzie said: 

“Watson is all about building a more human office that adapts to people, buildings and organizational culture. For more than 50 years, we’ve designed and built agile workplace solutions for some of the most dynamic and innovative companies in the world. 

“We’re thrilled that the first Vibe Spaces location will be a street-front venue in Bremerton. Watson is proud to be a key player in ushering in a new way of working that will benefit everyone in our community,” said Watson Marketing Manager, Lisa Horn.

The flexible environments will enable retail managers to brainstorm designs for a storefront display, professional firms to hold a confidential meeting or sales pitch, government contractors to spin up a temp workspace free of security hassles, nonprofits to gather for board retreats, and therapists or psychologists to meet comfortably with clients in a neutral setting. Vibe Spaces clients might also use the venues to host quarterly executive meetings off-site, reducing the amount of square footage companies need to lease in their own office for occasional conference room use.

The Spot, the first Vibe Spaces location, will open on the ground floor of 555 Pacific Avenue in Bremerton at the end of this year.

The Spot, the first Vibe Spaces location, will open on the ground floor of 555 Pacific Avenue in Bremerton at the end of this year.

Located a short eight minute walk away from the Kitsap Conference Center at Bremerton Harborside, The Spot will further be an asset to convention participants who often look for a nearby space to showcase products in a more intimate, professional environment alongside main conference events. Turnaround times for room bookings at The Spot are anticipated to be fast, with clients gaining access within hours of booking online or via mobile phone app.

The long term vision of Vibe Spaces is to bring flexible meeting and workspace solutions to neighborhoods throughout the region, serving varying square footage needs, ranging from 200 to 2,000 square feet. Landlords benefit from the tenant mix that Vibe Spaces brings in through its clients, most of whom are best-in-class professionals. Vibe Spaces offers property owners a fully-customized opportunity to generate revenue from dormant spaces and meet the needs of today’s workforce. 

A community open house celebrating the launch of Vibe Spaces and the opening of The Spot in Bremerton will be announced in November.