This one’s for you, Poulsbo.


Thank you for naming Vibe Coworks 2017 Emerging Business of the Year.

In 2016, when we first started down this journey to create a space in Poulsbo for our region’s most creative, ambitious and community-minded professionals to do their best work, on their own terms, we dreamt big. We envisioned a work+life revolution in Kitsap of epic proportions.

And thanks to all of you, it’s a revolution that’s happening now.

We opened our temp space, the Vibe Lab on September 26, 2017. Lovingly known as our ‘model home’, the Lab has become a place for our community of freelancers, commuters, remote workers and entrepreneurs a place to work and convene until construction on our flagship Vibe Coworks Poulsbo location has been completed in early 2018. We’re testing out chairs. We’re testing out table tops. And we’re testing out better ways of living and working right here in Poulsbo—together. (Come by for a visit, yeah? Monday – Friday 8am-5pm!)

Even as most people are still wrapping their heads around coworking—what it is, and how it can transform their personal and professional lives—the response has been overwhelmingly positive. The #1 thing we hear from fellow Vibists? ‘I get so much work done here’.

By now, you likely know a bit about our take on the world. At Vibe, we share in a belief that relationships with real people matter. We believe space matters. And we believe in a life where you can be the master of your own worldwide destiny, from right here in Kitsap. 

This award is a recognition of that fact that we’re on to something radically different, collectively loved, and bursting with opportunity for hundreds of Kitsap professionals and their families. Thank you.
— Alanna Imbach, Vibe Cofounder

Above all else, we value diversity of thought, industry and expertise. We believe real innovation happens best when seemingly unlikely people, businesses, nonprofits and partners find themselves working side by side. We don’t care how you dress or what your title is—we only care that you’re passionate about what you do and are eager to be part of a powerhouse creative and professional community.  

We’re proud of the flexibility, inspiration and authentic human connections that people are finding at Vibe. People are loving the value and flexibility of our memberships. Our hot desks are hopping, our dedicated desks booked out, and our eight-person conference room has become a happy home for team and client meetings, lunch + learn presentations, webinars, film recordings and more.

Along the way, we’ve been supported, guided, inspired and energized by what may well be Kitsap’s most outstanding collective of visionary do-ers. Our Vibe Founding40 members represent a fantastically diverse range of expertise, rivaled only by the energy and commitment of our founding Corporate Catalysts, the Kitsap Economic Development Alliance, Rice Fergus Miller, Tim Ryan Construction and Western Washington University on the Peninsulas.  

Vibe is a shared workspace and coworking COMMUNITY.  Without you, there would be no ‘us’. And that’s exactly why we are so honored to have been named 2017 Emerging Business of the Year by the Poulsbo Chamber of Commerce. For us, this award is a recognition of that fact that we’re on to something radically different, collectively loved, and bursting with opportunity for hundreds of Kitsap professionals and their families. 

So thank you.

Thank you for believing in us. 
Supporting us.
Investing in us.
Dreaming with us.
Do-ing with us.

Thank you for letting us be part our collective journey towards a happier, healthier way of working + living, right here in Poulsbo.

We couldn’t be more proud to be your 2017 Emerging Business of the Year.