When it comes to community health, we’re in it together

With the outbreak of COVID-19, Olympic Community of Health’s purpose statement resonates on a whole different level: “Tackling health issues that no single county or Tribe can tackle alone.”

Collaboration, innovation, and teamwork are pillars upon which our work relies. In these urgent and frenzied times, we are invited to continue leaning on these pillars to collectively support our communities, those in most need, and those providing care.

Coronavirus: Doubling down on health + remote work

Here at Vibe, the health and safety of our members is our top priority—today and every day. Like you, we are monitoring the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak closely. We are using updates from the Kitsap Public Health District and the US Center for Disease Control (CDC)’s interim guidance to businesses for preventing workplace exposures and illness from Coronavirus to implement a number of precautionary measures that support continued health and wellness, while also supporting emergency business continuity and contingency planning that may include an expansion of remote work policies.