When it comes to community health, we’re in it together

With the outbreak of COVID-19, Olympic Community of Health’s purpose statement resonates on a whole different level: “Tackling health issues that no single county or Tribe can tackle alone.”

Collaboration, innovation, and teamwork are pillars upon which our work relies. In these urgent and frenzied times, we are invited to continue leaning on these pillars to collectively support our communities, those in most need, and those providing care.

Photographer Brittany Kelley talks food, travel and adventure

There’s something both understated and dazzling about photographer Brittany Kelley. Maybe it’s because she hails from Texas (“Don’t mess with…”), or it could be that she artfully stills her mind for her craft. Or is it that she’s tall and blonde and witty, a wordsmith in her own right, who also comes across as truly steadfast when it comes to character? She’s got the right stuff, that’s for sure, in her presence and her passion.

Kitsap digs deep on what ‘zero proof’ really means

Last week’s Zero proof: Uncovering the potential of the booze-free drinking boom at Vibe Coworks was the ultimate #sobernotboring pre-funk to National Mocktail Week. Bringing together the most unlikely of voices to talk about something that’s been overlooked for far too long—the utter dearth of delicious, sophisticated drink options sans alcohol—Zero Proof was an open dialogue on the very leadership, innovation and cultural disruption that defines the community and entrepreneurial culture at Vibe.

Vibe Coworks is as Poulsbo as it gets

With the help of Poulsbo City Mayor Becky Erickson, the Poulsbo Chamber of Commerce and nearly 300 other special guests, the Vibe Coworks Grand Opening Party was more than a just another ribbon cutting: it was a legit celebration of our move into The Centennial and all of the hard work, triumphs and shared achievements that have gotten us to where we are today. The pics are most certainly worth a share, but so too, are the remarks made by Vibe Cofounder and CEO Alanna Imbach.