Brittany Corona overcame adversity. Now she’s teaching others how to do the same.

If you’ve been around Vibe much over the last five months, you’ve surely crossed paths with Brittany Corona.

Joining us as a Space Captain through the Vibe Host Program, Brittany is as multifaceted as they come. A lively conversationalist, she’s a thinker and a doer—and a devoted convert to the Pacific Northwest lifestyle.

Brittany exudes soothing energy, quiet charm, and all-embracing insightfulness, especially when it comes to the holistic wellness realm.

In fact, no matter how you wish to express the work/life/health balance for yourself, Brittany’s here to fortify that resolve.

In a manner that is completely inviting, she talks openly about her profession:

“I love helping women to be the best version of themselves, to feel beautiful and confident about embracing health and fitness, no matter the challenges they face. Go-getters who seek balance with achievement. I like working with leaders, executives, and entrepreneurs who want to better their health, lifestyle, and careers, simultaneously.”

Brittany doesn’t hold back, either, when it comes to how she views herself on an even more personal level: “I think I’m a very bold, creative spirit. I’ve also had to rely on courage in my recent journey through life transitions. In the past year, I started my own business coaching and consulting at the start of the pandemic,” she offers.

True to form, Brittany dove in, took the bull by the horns, and leapt head-first into helping people manifest their dreams for themselves. She relates to all of it, having faced many obstacles and overcoming, illnesses, injuries, and traumas from childhood through adulthood. “I’ve learned a lot of skills and assembled a lot of resources,” Brittany says, “not only to help myself but to share that with others who are experiencing what I did.”

Relatively new to Kitsap County, she loves the Poulsbo community, which has now become her favorite place to live, work, and breathe in Washington state. For fun, Brittany enjoys dancing, and playing the drums, flute, and softball. She’s also partial to water sports and spending time outdoors on new adventures with her dogs, family, and close friends.

Of your volunteer experiences, which has meant the most to you and why?

Brittany: I’m an Executive Board Treasurer volunteer for two local nonprofits. The Washington chapter of the International Coaching Federation, which supports the coaching industry statewide, and Empowerment 4 Girls, which fosters youth development, as is the organization I’m most passionate about.

Through Empowerment 4 Girls, I help girls receive the support they need to thrive and grow into confident, empowered women—the kind of support I desperately needed when I was their age. That fills me up because you can take your life in your own hands and create a different future for yourself. Life does not have to be determined by the past. It means a lot to me to empower youth. I did not feel empowered when I was growing up.

You call yourself a serial entrepreneur. What is your latest endeavor?

Brittany: One reason that I’m super excited by this year is that I feel like it’s finally my time to shine in life. I’m working on an invention that aligns perfectly with my consulting business. It’s all about helping women feel beautiful from the inside out when they’re traveling or on the go. The idea is that, in airports or at work, say, you have what I’m calling a vanity station where you can totally refresh yourself.

It incorporates a vending machine of personal care products on the outside and then a self-sanitizing vanity booth on the inside. Kind of like there are workspaces on the go. Not everyone likes using public restrooms or applying make-up in the car or changing clothes at work. This concept offers a transitional place for people to pull it all together, privately, on the way to their next destination. I’m getting it patented as we speak.

What does being a Space Captain at Vibe mean to you?

Brittany: It means helping to keep things running the way they should be, maintaining the vibe of the space so that members are happy and manifest their best work.

People are really productive at Vibe. They connect here, and it’s wonderful to be a part of that.

If you could only have one pasta with one sauce for the rest of your life, what would that dish be?

Brittany: As a nutritional source, I would say vegetarian lasagna with chickpea pasta and marinara sauce and mozzarella. With vegetables added in for good measure. I eat very little meat, but the chickpea noodles are a great source of protein—and better for you than enriched regular noodles. I just really like eating lasagna, associating it with a lot of good memories. When I have it, I get a feeling of being fulfilled. I feel really good after eating it. I pay attention to how I feel after a meal because I have a sensitive stomach.

Who or what would you take to a deserted island?

Brittany: I would say maybe my future second husband, whoever that is—I don’t have anyone yet; I’m newly single after my divorce—and my two dogs: Baxter and Chester. They’re both chihuahua mixes.

How, in your mind, has Vibe impacted our community?

Brittany: I think it’s fulfilled a major need for those like myself who don’t have reliable internet at home. It’s such a reliable space with the right resources for doing your job effectively.

“We’re a community here [at Vibe], working alongside one another. Vibe has been so supportive of my business locally, in Poulsbo… The relationships you can enjoy with others are key to my being productive and happy.”

Plus, I hate being alone when I’m working. The relationships you can enjoy with others are key to my being productive and happy.

And the outreach of Vibe is terrific; I see them everywhere. I found this place through a Facebook group. So many of us have been referred here, so it’s become obvious: This is the place to work.


Share with us a funny story about when you were a personal trainer/fitness instructor.

Brittany: I incorporate a lot of balance and stability training in my workout routines. I love that my clients often give it their all. Many struggle with that aspect, wobbling all over the place, falling over themselves. But they just keep laughing and have a good time with it. They seem to enjoy training that’s accessible, where they do cardio ballet and barre, and work out to music and master other techniques.

Additionally, the mature population, say, over 60, needs to learn how to rebalance themselves so that they can literally stay on their feet. It means a lot to me that they are courageous and challenging themselves at that age. Who doesn’t want to keep their balance as they get older? It’s kind of universal.

Did you grow up in the Seattle area?

Brittany: I was born on the East Coast. My dad was in the Coast Guard and that’s how I ended up here at six months old—and never left. I’ve lived in more than 15 different cities around the Puget Sound Area for most of my life. Poulsbo’s my favorite home so far.

I’m so glad I settled here. What I love most is the size. Not too big, not too small. Plus, there are a lot of interesting businesses that are thriving, more than in other communities that I’ve been a part of during pandemic. People shop local here and support small business and I love that.

I also gravitate towards experiencing new cultures, and the Norwegian culture of this town, well, it fascinates me. And being close to the waterfront. Yes! Poulsbo has all of that.

I happen to live in a very peaceful location, on a farm, which I love. I’m experiencing micro-home living, which has long been on my bucket list. Oh, tiny homes are on wheels, whereas micro-homes have a foundation. That’s the difference.

What are the most important attributes for you in a close friend?

Brittany: Authenticity, respect, a sense of humor, common ground when it comes to values and interests, and someone that has a kind heart.

Night or morning person?

Brittany: Night!

Who is your favorite superhero and why?

Brittany: Mother Teresa. In particular, she speaks to me because of her caring nature for others. She just had such a kind heart. Mother Teresa said something like “Do small things with great love.”

Then there’s Brene Brown, too, a hero of mine who’s still living. I regard the work she does as important, encouraging people to be bold and brave in life.

How do you rate the impact of social media? Yays and nays?

Brittany: Yay: I like how it can bring people together, because, through the pandemic, I’ve made friends all over the world through Facebook and other social platforms. Now I have excuses to visit all those friends, near and far.

Nay: That would be how social media has become a platform for spreading hate towards others through cyberbullying or harassment. I don’t like that at all. It can connect you to bad people as easily as it can to good people.

What do you feel is your most endearing quality?

Brittany: That I’m authentic, a real person who isn’t afraid to be herself.

If you could come back from the afterlife, who or what would you choose to be?

Brittany: Another take on life? A phoenix, rising from the ashes. That’s a metaphor that resonates with me. This mythical creature captures a great take on overcoming challenges before, during, and after lockdown.

Henry David Thoreau said, “With pain comes strength.” Getting stronger is what I’m all about.