This year, I’m giving thanks for the tiny interactions

As we do our best to pause (!) and reflect this week, I’m struck by a podcast I listened to a few weeks back that hits on the heart of the very thing that makes this place we call Vibe so phenomenally impactful: the power of tiny interactions.

Introvert, extrovert or ambivert, social connections matter, even if it’s little more than a passing hello shared with someone outside of our family over the office coffee pot. In fact, social connections are the root of all that I am thankful for at Vibe this year.

Poulsbo’s great experiment in coworking: Is it working?

We had a dream: that we ourselves—along with 15,000 other reported work-from-homers in Kitsap county—could do the work that we love, from the place that we love. That we could do meaningful, fulfilling work surrounded by people and ideas that inspire us—right here in Kitsap. And that we could do all of that without feeling forced to succumb to exhausting commutes, expensive coffee-shop hopping or home offices that all-to-often turn lonely.