Kitsap’s newest coworking space promises big opportunities on both sides of Puget Sound

Yep. You heard right. Kitsap’s newest coworking space is making its way to the heart of Poulsbo in Fall 2017, adding to the appeal of a region renowned for its affordability and high quality of life.

Slated to be a hotbed of community, inspiration and productivity for high-performance creatives and professionals, Vibe is expected to be the largest coworking space in Kitsap when it opens on Poulsbo’s 8th Avenue next year. 

Vibe Coworks is the brainchild of 33-year old Poulsbo native, Alanna Imbach, and her husband, Marcel Imbach, who will be relocating to Kitsap from New York City.

“We’ve spent the last 15 years living and working in major cities around the world. We wanted to get back to the Pacific Northwest, but weren’t willing to give up our international careers in order to do that, and we weren’t willing to work from home full-time,” said Alanna. “We’d had phenomenal experiences with coworking communities in NYC, and knew the timing was right to bring something like that to Kitsap.”

Vibe is a community geared towards the needs of local commuters, remote workers, freelancers and entrepreneurs: people who are craving community, as well as a professional and flexible place to work that is close to home and imbued with a fun, high-performance vibe. It’s also primed to support brick-and-mortar businesses that understand how providing their staff with a coworking membership can boost employee loyalty, happiness and creativity.

The idea resonates with many professional leaders in the area already. Seasoned tech executive Brett Eddy sees the space as a key step towards closing the tech talent gap that it felt throughout the Greater Seattle region. 

“I’m a big believer in the idea that we need intentional and spontaneous communities: places where we can create a culture of real-world, on-the-job learning to train up the talent we need. Vibe is going to bring us one step closer to being able to really drive that technology-empowered future, and that’s something I am very excited about,” said Eddy. 

Members (or their employers) will pay to work in the space, instead of commuting full-time or working from home offices or coffee shops. In addition to becoming part of a dynamic professional community, members can expect to find beautifully designed conference rooms, private offices, individual phone / video booths, flexible event space, an outdoor balcony, lockers and a coffee shop-style community kitchen.

When deciding where to open the space, Poulsbo was the obvious choice, Marcel said. Poulsbo City Mayor, Becky Erickson, agrees.

“Poulsbo is beautiful, affordable and full of creative, driven professionals who relish the opportunity to be part of Greater Seattle while preferring to live in Kitsap,” said Mayor Erickson. “Vibe Coworks will cater to professionals who understand that there are local alternatives to the long ferry commute. Having a coworking space of this caliber here in Poulsbo means both local and Seattle-based companies that are looking to recruit and retain top talent have something special to offer: affordable housing, coupled with an attractive lifestyle. And those employees will remain fully connected to the work culture of Seattle.”

Vibe has taken out a lease on an approximately 5,300 square foot space on the top floor of a new building designed by Bremerton-based Rice Fergus Miller, Inc., a certified B Corporation known for its expertise in shaping community and being on the cutting edge of innovation and sustainability. Poulsbo-based contractor, Tim Ryan Construction, will carry out the construction, expected to finish in Fall 2017.