How fast is the WiFi?

Vibe Coworks has ultrafast Gigabit internet speeds (1000 Mbs Down AND 1000 Mbs Up). We have fiber internet throughout our building, The Centennial, and our fast wifi network access points ensure everyone is served well.

Why is this important? This means that all normal work communications, including video conferencing, are smooth, especially due to the fast upload speeds.

Normal internet in an office building and at home are 100 Mbs Down and 10 or 20 Mbs Up. At Vibe, it is 1000 each way! For most normal home users, that means Vibe can be on average 10x faster than home when browsing the web or doing normal work, and 100x faster when using applications like video conferencing (Zoom, Skype, etc).

Members and visitors that have reasonable modern laptops will experience the fastest Vibe has to offer. Legacy and older laptops may be a bit slower due to older wifi network cards on them.